Dennis Sterner


My love of art began at a young age, and I was often found happily passing time drawing comic strips, writing and illustrating my own storybooks, and doodling on any blank piece of paper I could find. It developed further as I grew older, and in high school began to seriously pursue this passion and made the first sales of my work.

Dennis Sterner

After a stint in military service, I began working for a screen printing company, eventually working my way into an art department position, then department supervisor, and after a few moves to various companies, into top management. All this time, I've been painting and drawing, and been fortunate to have the encouragement of family, friends, and instructors to help me expand and develop.

These days, my work focuses mainly on a representational style, carefully considering every line and brush stroke in the creation of a work of art. I get much satisfaction in the depth of color and blending capabilities of oil paint, but also enjoy working in acrylic and have found somewhat of a niche with my popular pen & ink with mixed media technique.

I endeavor to tell a story with each piece, based on a lifetime of travel and personal experience. A work of art is built of passion for the subject, love of the process, and with anticipation and excitement for the final result. My goal is to make art available and affordable for everyone, and to that end I offer a variety of original pieces, giclées, and litho prints.

Working from my home studio in Forest Lake, Minnesota, my work has found its way into private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe.